About Me

Hi. I’m Jimmy Thang (yes, that’s my real name). I like to think the “About Me’ section about someone should encompass many things but I think the unfortunate bit about it is that most people primarily want to know what your professional background is when clicking on these things. So, to get that out of the way, I just got a gig as the Online Managing Editor for technology enthusiast site MaximumPC.com. You might also have seen my work on websites like IGN.com, GeForce.com, GameXplain.com, or AskMen.com among others.

With the boring tidbits out of the way, I’m really just some California-born-and-raised dude who strives to live life by the bucket list. My desire is that for everyday I wake up, I am somehow better than I was the day before. This could manifest itself through learning new trades, sharpening my cultural understanding of things, or accomplishing goals. jimmythang.com is an outlet for me to blog and share some of these varied experiences (art, technological, entertainment, inspirational, experimental etc…)with you and whatever else is on my random mind.

If there’s something you’d like me to discuss, let me know. Also, feel free to leave me comments.



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