Bucket List 100

Many years ago, I made myself a “bucket list.” A bucket list, for the uninitiated, is a list of experiences that one would like to do before they die. While that may sound a bit morbid, it gives people the opportunity to live happy and fulfilling lives.

Below is my list consisting of 100 items. I grouped my goals into three segments: learnaccomplish, and travel. I did this because I think it’s worth noting that the stuff I attempted to learn/still am learning are works in progress. For instance, I think it would be disingenuous for me to say I accomplished being a surfer when I have put considerable work into learning said craft but still have a ways to go.

Note: the stuff in bold are items I have done


1. Try to learn how to play the guitar
2. Try to learn how to play the piano
3. Try to learn how to play the drums
4. Try to learn how to play the bass
(^after I picked up and started learning guitar, I knew music was for me)

5. Try to learn how to box/kickbox
6. Try to learn Jiu Jitsu (grappling)
7. Try to learn how to wrestle

8. Try to learn how to breakdance (Tried it a lot in junior high…wasn’t that great at it but could do a few moves. Tried it again not too long ago. ….let’s just say I haven’t gotten any better…)
9. Try to learn how to surf (I’ve gone a couple times now, it’s still hard)
10. Try to learn how to snowboard (I’m pretty sure I’ve broken my ass on more than one occasion)
11. Try to learn how to ski (Skiing is way easier to learn than snowboarding btw)
12. Complete a full in-depth language course of Duolingo (I jab at this when I can)
13. Try to learn how to rock climb (This can be really challenging but also really fun)
14. Try to learn how to water ski
15. Try to learn how to paint (not the best painter)
16. Try to learn how to draw
17. Try to learn how to become a photographer
18. Try to learn how to cook

19. Learn how to hang glide

20. See the northern lights
21. See a meteor shower
22. Make fire with nothing but wood and tinder
23. Study abroad
24. Ride a snowmobile
25. Donate old clothing to homeless shelter
26. Volunteer at a homeless shelter
27. Teach a class/seminar
28. Invent something (hopefully it doesn’t suck)
29. Buy my own car
30. Go on a search and rescue mission
31. Get hypnotized
32. Act in a play
33. Get into a snowball fight with complete strangers.
34. Participate in a flash mob
35. Watch IMDB’s top 100 greatest films of all time
36. Have artwork exhibited in an art gallery
37. Try yoga
38. Write a screenplay

39. Write a book
40. Complete a high-elevation snow climb
41. Complete an Olympic triathlon
42. Run a marathon

43. Swim in cage with sharks
44. Go whitewater rafting
45. Catch a fish
46. Go Hunting
47. Go jet skiing
48. Graduate college
49. Play in a rock band (chyeah!)
50. Do a cancer awareness walk

51. Go sailing
52. Record a self produced album
53. Go kayaking
54. Obtain CPR certification
55. Jump from a tall cliff into a body of water

56. Go parasailing
57. Visit a nude beach
58. Go camping without bringing any food.
59. Publish a work of fiction
60. Donate blood
61. Buy a Home
62. Start a Family
63. Shoot a gun
64. Publish an article
65. Perform standup comedy
66. Film/edit a movie
67. Become a scuba diver 


68. Explore a foreign country on bicycle.
69. Study abroad
70. Hike the Grand Canyon
71. Hike Half Dome
72. Visit theEmpireStateBuildingin NY

73. Hike the Great Wall of China
74. SeeNiagara Falls
75.Visit YellowstoneNational Park and see Old Faithful
76. See the Pyramids inEgypt

77. Hike Macchu Picchu
78. Scuba Dive the Great Barrier Reef
79. Visit the Amazonian rainforest
80. Visit Asia
81. Visit Europe
82. Visit Africa
83. Visit South America
84. Visit Australia
85. Visit Antartica

86. Go to a big desert music festival
87. Go on a safari inAfrica
88. Stand on a mountain top above the clouds
89. See an endangered species in its natural habitat
90. Stand on the equator
91. Eat a pizza in front of the leaning tower of pizza
92. VisitJapan
93. Visit the Coliseum inRome
94. Antagonize a Buckingham Palace guard
95. Scale mount Kilimanjaro
96. Explore Patagonia
97. Visit the Taj mahal
98. Visit the Mayan Ruins
99. See the EiffelTower
100. See the Easter IslandHeads

I think achieving some of the goals on my list really has brought my joy over the years (even though the training/preperation can be very grueling). I strongly believe the challenge of hard work makes me more appreciative about life and gives me a broader perspective on how to relate to people. Plus, there’s nothing more fun in life than scratching an item off the old bucket list.

As my site continues to evolve, I hope to accomplish more of my goals for you to read and to perhaps blog and inspire some of you to go out and try some of the things I’ve achieved.

So that’s my list. What about you? Do you have your own? Feel free to share in the comments.


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